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Decisions (HTML Module)

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ReferenceTitleDecision TypeDecision MakerStatus
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 All-Ireland Pollinator PlanCommitteeEnvironmentDecision Proposed
 Minutes of Environment Committee held on 4 December 2023CommitteeEnvironmentDecision Proposed
 Environmental Services Proposed Scale of Charges for 2024/25CommitteeEnvironmentDecision Proposed
 Street Naming and Property NumberingCommitteeEnvironmentDecision Proposed
 Entertainment Licensing Committee Protocol CommitteeEnvironmentDecision Proposed
 Maghera Public Realm Contract Award - Delegated Authority RequestCommitteeEnvironmentDecision Proposed
 Bus Shelters UpdateCommitteeEnvironmentDecision Proposed
 National Tree Week 2023CommitteeEnvironmentDecision Proposed
 Northern Ireland Local Authority Collected Municipal Waste Management (LACMW) Annual Report for 2022/23CommitteeEnvironmentDecision Proposed
 Building Control WorkloadCommitteeEnvironmentDecision Proposed