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Decisions (HTML Module)

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ReferenceTitleDecision TypeDecision MakerStatus
 Page 6 of 43, items 51 to 60 of 425.
LA09/2023/0499/FLA09/2023/0499/FCommitteePlanningDecision Proposed
 Economic Development Report - OBFI CommitteeDevelopmentDecision Proposed
 Gas Safety Initiative CommitteeDevelopmentDecision Proposed
 Economic Development - Renewal of Membership with NI Chamber of Commerce 2024CommitteeDevelopmentDecision Proposed
 Development Report CommitteeDevelopmentDecision Proposed
 Minutes of Development Committee held on 16 November 2023CommitteeDevelopmentDecision Proposed
 Performance Improvement Six Month Progress Update (Q1 to Q2 – 2023/24)CommitteePolicy & ResourcesDecision Proposed
 Minutes of Policy and Resources Committee held on 9 November 2023CommitteePolicy & ResourcesDecision Proposed
 Mid Ulster Community Planning: Progress Update and Performance Statement 2021-2023CommitteePolicy & ResourcesDecision Proposed
 Requests to Illuminate Council PropertiesCommitteePolicy & ResourcesDecision Proposed