Committees & Councillors

Welcome to the Council's Committee and Councillors pages.

You can find information here about how Mid Ulster District Council works, when meetings take place, access agendas, reports and minutes, find out how decisions are made  and how to get in touch with your councillors. There is also information in relation to the Council's Constitution. 

There is also information in relation to the other bodies which the Council makes appointments and in relation to joint boards/committees and other forums on which the Council is represented.

If, as a member of the public, you wish to register to receive automatic notification regarding council meetings and specific committees please click the register button above and enter the requested details. Once the registration process is complete you will then have the opportunity to select the notifications you wish to receive. If you wish to change these at any time please login and select the My Pages tab and amend the notifications section.

Should you require any assistance, please contact Democratic Services on 03000 132 132.