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Planning Committee

The Committee is responsible for considering planning applications and Development Plan preparations and meets every month. The following functions stand referred to the committee:

1. Consider planning applications made to the council and decide whether or not they should be approved in line with Scheme of Delegation for Planning Applications. Notwithstanding this, the following powers are delegated to the committee:

• Applications which fall within the Major category of development

• An application for planning permission where the application is made by the council or a member of the council

• The application relates to land in which the council has an interest/estate

2. Participate in the preparation of the Mid Ulster Local Development Plan

3. Approve the local development plan before it is passed by resolution of the council

4. Monitor Local Development Plan on an annual basis in terms of the availability of housing and economic development land, and that it is reviewed every five years, giving consideration to whether there is a need to change the plan strategy or the zonings, designations and policies as contained in the local policies plan

5. Consider and determine the serving of an Enforcement Notice, Stop Notice, and Listed Building Enforcement Notice

Public Access to the Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is open to the public and press, except where confidential matters are to be discussed. Requests to speak at the Planning Committee must be received by the Council (in writing or by email) no later than 12.00pm two working days prior to the meeting. The request should state whether you wish to speak in support or in opposition to a planning application. Any written information that the speaker wishes to circulate to members of the committee must also be provided at this time. Any written information received after this time will not be circulated.

Requests should be sent to either:

Mid Ulster District Council
Democratic Services
15 Circular Road
Dungannon, BT71 6DT

Please note that the Planning Committee may seek clarification of those who speak on any issue raised by them but will not enter into debate. Further information on the operation of the Planning Committee is contained within the Council Standing Orders.

Details of meetings, agendas and meeting document packs are available from our Planning page opposite.