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Development Committee

The Development Committee will comprise 16 Members of Council appointed using the Quota of Greatest Remainder (QGR) as provisioned for within Sc. 2 of the Local Government (NI) Act 2014.

The committee will have a Chair and Deputy Chair and be appointed by the Council at its Annual Meeting as positions of responsibility under Part 3 of the Local Government (NI) Act 2014.

Business shall not be transacted unless at least one third of the whole number of the committee is present. Six members shall be present.


1. To consider business and make recommendations to Council on:

• Administration and management of cultural venues

• Arts Development service delivery matters

• Regional and Minority Languages requirements

• Management of Leisure Services

• Sports Development service delivery matters

• Management and development of Water Recreation Sites transferred from central government

• Management and development of Parks & Open Spaces

• Management and development of Play Areas

• Administration of matters pertaining to countryside access and related matters

• Management of Community Services

• Policing and Community Safety Partnership

• Management of Rural Development Programme

• Administration and management of Local Economic Development

• Delivery of Physical Regeneration initiatives

• Administration and management of functions and powers transferred from central government departments for Social Development and Enterprise, Trade & Investment

• Tourism service delivery matters

• Council and Community Events